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There are still LOTS of resources available for FREE on the A2 FREE , AS FREE and GCSE FREE pages.

Some examples of the free resources are:

A2 Activation Energy (Practical, Assessment grid, model)

A2 Kinetics (Workbook - fully worked solutions are available)

A2 Biochemistry (Powerpoint)

A2 Lipids (Powerpoint)

AS - Water of crystallisation (Practical - example for practical competency development and assessment)

AS Amount of substance (Workbook - fully worked solutions are available)

AS Reactions of halogenoalkanes (Worksheet)

AS Reactions of halogenoalkanes (Powerpoint)

GCSE - Relative atomic mass (Worksheet)

There are many other resources available for FREE, but for full access including model answers the annual subscription is just £10.

New resources are added regularly.

Please note that many new and updated resources are being added for the new GCSE and A level over the coming months.


GCSE  Earth’s resources

GCSE  Analysis

GCSE  Organic chemistry

GCSE  Rates of reaction

GCSE  Equilibria

GCSE  Energy changes

GCSE  Cells and batteries

GCSE  Earth’s atmosphere

GCSE  Metal reactivity & extraction

GCSE  Reactions of acids

GCSE  Electrolysis

A2  Biochemistry

A2  Organic synthesis

A2  Chromatography

A2  Electrochemistry

A2  Transition metals & complexes

A2  Acids & bases

Terms & Conditions

Teacher subscriptions:  A subscription entitles a teacher to use these resources with their own classes.  In schools where more than one teacher uses the resources, each teacher needs a separate subscription (given the low price this seems very fair).  Your personal log on must not be shared with anyone else.

Student subscriptions: Students can subscribe (very useful for exam revision) and the subscription is for that individual student only. Your personal log on must not be shared with anyone else.

Copyright belongs to  If there is anything on this site  which may accidentally be infringing any copyright elsewhere, please contact us and we will remove that material.


Some older resources contain characters from CHEMFONT which is a free download HERE. We are phasing this out for new resources.  

Health & safety

You will need to carry out your own risk assessment before carrying out any of the practical activities.


COUNTER in 2018

43 has lots of KS3, GCSE, AS & A2 resources (& answers) with more constantly being added. 12 months subscription is just £10.